Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Eaters: Flexitarian Diet Recipes for People Who Can’t Give Up Meat, Volume One

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So you are considering a vegetarian diet. This should not be a spur of the moment decision. You do not want to become vegetarian just for kicks. Becoming a vegetarian is a lifestyle change that will require motivation. Usually, following a vegetarian diet is a process that occurs over time, or it is something you were raised into.

This cookbook series was designed to help you make a smooth transition to a vegetarian diet.

Each volume in this series includes outstanding and innovative recipes that will make the best almost vegetarian food you have ever tasted. But for the person who has just started a vegetarian diet, you will also find easy meat variations, thus turning these outstanding almost vegetarian meals into delicious meat eater food.
These recipes are also focused towards people who are interested in following a Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian diet, which would include plant based products, milk and eggs.

In every volume of Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Eaters: Flexitarian Diet Recipes for People Who Can't Give Up Meat, you will find a delicious variety or recipes, including soups, snacks, entrées, meals, accompaniments and salads for the family and for entertaining guests.

Here is what you will find inside Volume One:

Chapter One – Soups & Snacks

Lots of flavor surprises from around the world will delight you in this section. Even more inventive are the snacks, some of which could double as a tempting entrée.

Chapter Two – Pastry and Eggs

With eggs and pastry, you have the basis of limitless recipes for the family or entertaining. Eggs, of course, are great in sauces, fillings and pastry, or star in their own right.

Chapter Three – Grains

Start exploring the fabulous range of grains and see how readily they blend with other ingredients in a great variety of enticing dishes. The grains used in these recipes offer earthy colors and different shapes and offer high nutrition, with protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates.

Chapter Four – Pasta

Easy and satisfying meals with pasta are enjoyable to cook, and always very popular. These recipes are scrumptiously different, with many unique temptations that will leave your guests wanting more.

Chapter Five – Pulses

Peas, beans and lentils are unobtrusive stars, easy to use, a source of protein and fiber, wonderfully filling and economical, too. The pulses in these recipes show their style in hearty main meals, pretty salads, dinner party fare, casual lunches and snacks, all with lots of color and great taste.

Chapter Six – Vegetables

In a triumph of tastes and textures, I have used a fabulous range of vegetables for recipes with an international touch. They are innovative without being difficult, giving you new ways with favorites, plus the chance to try something you might not have thought of using.

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Customer Reviews

Now you can finally make those yummy vegetarian dishes yourself!!

 December 16, 2012
By Anna Elizabeth
This is a really fantastic recipe book – at the beginning there is great advice and information on getting adequate nutrition in order to have an overall healthy diet, for example Omega 3, calcium, iodine, iron etc, AND the foods that are rich in these nutrients. Also included is a pyramid nutrition guide and advice on getting the best nutrition from a vegetarian diet, plus the different types of vegetarian diets. The fact is, it IS easy enough to get all those nutrients from other sources besides meat.

At the end of each recipe is advice on the non-vegetarian variation of the recipe, for example adding chicken, fish or beef etc, which basically makes each recipe into two recipes, not one!

I’m a meat-eater, but have always had an interest in being more vegetarian (I never wished to cut it out completely however). I have a few friends who are vegetarians/vegans, and being an animal-lover I’ve always had an interest in being one myself (80-90% of the time), but never quite got around to it. It always seemed so difficult creating those tasty vegetarian dishes that are better for you, but still have the delicious flavors you love. I knew they existed though! I’d had them plenty of times before, at restaurants, or cooked by vegetarian/vegan friends. The problem was I didn’t seem to be able to do it myself.

This recipe book has been an enormous help to me, I can tell you – I’ve already tried quite a few of the recipes and they have gone off without a hitch and tasted fantastic. I couldn’t believe it was my own cooking! If, however, on a particular night I feel I would like to add some meat, just for variation, I can do that too!!

I’m even planning a vegetarian night with some friends to show off my new vegetarian cooking skills, and will definitely be recommending the book to them too. I will be keeping an eye out for any other recipe books from this author. Very highly recommended!!

More than happy with this book!

 February 12, 2013
By Francesca CH
I am more than happy with this book!
Although I am not a true vegetarian, I don’t really like to eat meat. But the thing is when I have to cook for somebody else as well, I am worried that the things I like will not be tasteful or attractive enough. So I noticed that lately I am reading recipes in magazines in search of new ideas.
This book solves it for me – I can have two versions of the same recipe, I can adapt it to my taste and the taste of others, the recipes are easily read, the ingredients are fresh and interesting, it is also inspiring as a conversation subject during a meal, overall I am completely happy and can’t wait to start cooking!

Vegetarian Recipes for Meat Eaters

 July 11, 2013
By Traudl
I bought this ebook because I was curious to find out how vegetarian recipes for meat eaters are different from those that are not targeting meat-eaters. The solution is quite simple: just exchange part of the vegetarian ingredients with meat. Every recipe includes this option, so if you need to satisfy both vegetarians and meat-eaters, this book can give you many ideas.

Kudos to a great cookbook!

 July 6, 2013
By James
First of all, I must say that I AM the self-confessed “cookbook junkie” so every chance that I have to get a new one, I’m completely on it. I LOVE TO COOK!!

Secondly, being raised in a flexitarian home, I’m well acquainted with this dietary approach.

However, “Vegetarian Recipes For Meat Eaters – Vol 1″ (just as is Vol 2) is more than a cookbook, but is also a guide for those who wish to make healthy changes in their dietary intake. The educational section is a great way to open this, but the recipes are perfect. I was especially grabbed by “Pepper and Sweet Onion Pastries with Pesto,” “Crunchy Rice Squares with Avocado Salad,” and “Cheese Polenta with Mushroom Rosemary Sauce.” All of these are inventive and restaurant quality in their concepts.

If you’re bored with meals that are the “same-old, same-old,” then this is the book for you!!

More than a recipe book!

 December 15, 2012
By L. Coker
This is a great book full of wonderful recipes. The author breaks down the book into sections, so you can easily find a soup or a vegetable dish, and everything in between. Also, the recipes are very easy to follow, and delicious! It is also a wonderful guide for those of us that are new to being a vegetarian. The author gives a valuable discription of what different types of vegetarians there are, and what each nvolves. Included is a nutrition guide and pyramid! This iss such a helpful book!

Great recipe ideas

 July 25, 2013
By Kayren
I had not heard the term ‘flexitarian’ before, but it makes sense. Most families these days have someone with special dietary needs and this recipe book provides some great, and really tasty, vegetarian meals that can be extended for meat eaters very simply.
I particularly appreciate the nutritional info that comes with each recipe. Vegetarian food can sometimes be heavy on the calories and it’s good to be able to see that at a glance.
I was really impressed with this collection of recipes and highly recommend it to vegetarian cooks looking to add interest to their diet or accommodate those with non-vegetarian tastes.

Delicious Recipes for Vegetarians and Others

 July 2, 2013
By Nightingale
This book fulfils the need for information and recipes which can produce a balanced diet for vegetarians or those contemplating moving to a vegetarian diet. For the latter a little meat or poultry can be added to produce delicious non-vegetarian meals. The recipes are innovative, varied and flavourful and each is followed by a useful nutrition table. An excellent addition to any cookbook collection.


 March 16, 2014
By Liz Morrell
It’s hard to find a good vegetarian book that isn’t the same old choices. Lots of unusual recipes using easy to find ingredients!


 December 22, 2013
By Amazon Customer
Thanks for theses wonderful books to choose from to buy or for free love it, thanks amazon!!!

Sincerely you customer,

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