Heart Disease – How Do You Get, Prevent and Cure Heart Disease?

Healthy Organic VegetarianHeart disease is the major cause of death for both males and females in the United States, reported by modern statistics from the Center for Disease Control.  Heart conditions are to blame for roughly 25% of all fatalities.  There are estimated 500,000 adult females living with congenital heart disease in the United States alone, and it is the primary killer of females from the age of 20 to 40.  Heart disease encompasses many heart conditions, such as coronary artery Healthy Organic Vegetariandisease, heart attack and heart failure diseases.  Heart conditions are caused by cholesterol, a waxy, fat-like ingredient that is removed from oil and fat-laden animal protein.  Coronary heart disease is a constricting of the arteries that provide blood and oxygen to the heart, which develops when cholesterol accumulates on the wall surfaces of the blood vessels.

What is Heart Disease?

An estimated 102.3 million American adults, 60% over the age of 20, have total blood cholesterol levels of 200 milligrams per deciliter and higher.  High blood cholesterol is one of the main risk factors for heart disease.  Most people are not aware that their cholesterol level is way too high, because cholesterol, by itself, does not result in signs or symptoms.  The higher your blood Healthy Organic Vegetariancholesterol level, the higher your risk for developing cardiovascular disease or experiencing a heart attack.  Signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease can sometimes include heart palpitations, pain in the chest, light-headedness, dizziness and fainting.  When you have an excessive amount of body fat, particularly all around your midsection, you are at greater risk for health problems, such as high blood pressure levels, high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

Individuals with heart disease are many times pressed needlessly into costly medical procedures like angioplasty, stints or bypass surgery. Drug treatments might improve signs and symptoms of heart disease, but due to their uncomfortable and often fatal, Healthy Organic Vegetarianadverse reactions, they frequently bring about additional complications and totally are not able to strengthen overall wellness. Making some lifestyle modifications will help you avoid the illness, disability, hospital confinement trauma and probability of death brought on by heart disease.  Vitamins, antioxidants, fish oil, B-complex, minerals, coenzyme Q10 and other natural nutrients, play unique, well-studied functions in the reversing and prevention of heart disease.  The key is committing yourself to creating some essential improvements: regular exercise, eating a healthy plant-based diet and quitting using tobacco.  These changes can help manage excess weight, high blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels, all significant elements for heart disease.

There exists a recognized cure for heart disease, heart attack, and heart failure, and preventing ailments of the heart is usually as easy as basic nutrition and lifestyle changes.  A plant-based diet and lifestyle can significantly help when it comes to minimizing the potential risk of heart disease or reversing and managing a Healthy Organic Vegetariandiagnosed condition, even if you encounter a higher risk caused by unmanageable variables including age, gender or genealogy.  The book “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”, by the leading authority, Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. M.D., shows you a nutrition-based cure, where your ability to naturally improve your blood lipid profile, have better artery and heart health, and live longer without depending on drugs or surgery.  Although there are no guarantees a plant-based diet and lifestyle will keep heart disease away, you will have more control over your health and life.  Regardless of your risk factors, genetics or age, taking care to prevent heart disease and preserving your cardiovascular system overall health is important.  The book, “The Engine 2 Diet” spells out a proven 28-day, save-your-life plan that lowers cholesterol and burns away the pounds.  It is the same eating plan used at most health and wellness institutes where natural therapies are used, that addresses the underlying causes of heart disease, unlike drugs and surgery that only address symptoms.

Heart Disease Treatment

We can educate ourselves so that we can take control of our own health.  You can choose good health and you can reverse or reduce your risk of heart disease by taking measures to regulate your Healthy Organic Vegetarianblood pressure, reducing your cholesterol levels, not using tobacco and having sufficient physical exercise.  Who wishes to live with low energy, addiction to medications with unpleasant, unwanted side effects, and severe limitations on activities and eating plans, when there is a natural, inexpensive remedy?  Review all the important information on this site, to further learn how a plant-based, low-fat, high-fiber diet and regular exercise will decrease your risk for high cholesterol and heart attacks, along with many other diseases. Second and third opinions are always recommended. You are what you eat and the evidence is conclusive; that if we do not change our eating habits, we are doomed to the West’s largest killer – heart disease.

You have now been empowered with the knowledge to take control of your health and to save your life. It’s not what you learn Healthy Organic Vegetariansin life that counts, but what you are able to teach.“Those that have the privilege to know have the duty to act” Albert Einstein. Healthy Organic VegetarianBookmark this site because it will always be updated and improved to remain an award winning information and reference site. The books and videos featured on this site should be part of everyone’s health library. Don’t forget to tell the people you care about – everyone. These are the lessons of good health and abundant life that are learned and enjoyed by being a vegetarian and controlling heart disease.

Healthy Organic Vegetarian

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